Where’s life’s pause button?

Spend more time doing what you love

I recently moved house and with it started working part-time during the interim period of looking for a more permanent full-time job. I thought I’d have loads more time for doing the things I want and relaxing without rushing about with life admin.

How wrong was I?

I’ve found myself working during the morning and then not sitting down again until I’m settling down for my evening meal at about 7pm. I feel busier than when I had a full-time job and am left wondering how on earth I fitted everything in while also working a 37-hour week. Over the last few days I’ve been trying to find an answer to this conundrum. Yes, I’ve signed myself up to more yoga classes, but these are mainly during the evening. I’m also able to take the dog out on longer walks throughout the day and I’ve been able to spend more time writing blog posts. However that doesn’t explain how I was losing so much time. Then it hit me, the answer to all those lost hours throughout the day was social media!

The time I’ve spent looking on Facebook, Instagram and The Daily Mail website is increasing every day. I wouldn’t mind but I don’t even like the way the Mail stories are written and believe very little of what I read on there. The scrolling through Instagram and Facebook is pointless too as I feel a huge sense of under achievement once I tear my eyes away from the screen an hour or two later.

Adding more hours to your day

Put a stop to spending hours looking at social media

So, I’ve made the decision to limit my time on these websites. I’ll only visit them once a day for a maximum of half an hour, plenty of time to catch up on what’s been going on in the world. I’ve also put myself on a ban from The Daily Mail and already feel better in myself having not read about the trials and tribulations of celebrities.

One thing I went through a phase of doing is not watching television throughout the weekend. If you can do this it really makes a difference. I found I had more time than ever to just chill out and really relax my mind and thoughts. When you sit down in front of the TV your mind doesn’t switch off so it’s not as relaxing as you think. Without it you’re able to concentrate on the simpler things in life and feel as though the world isn’t going past you like a bolt of lightning.

I highly recommend switching off and reconnecting with the things that really matter, you’ll feel the benefits and wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. Life is short enough already, so don’t waste it on reading about other people’s lives.

Concentrate on the one that matters…your own.

Has anyone seen my motivation?

Feeling demotivated

When you imagine a person who’s unfit and feeling awful about their health, an image of an overweight, disheveled and downcast human being springs to mind. From the outside I appear to be in shape, I keep myself relatively presentable and I look happy. However this is not how I feel. I spent countless hours training in preparation for the London Marathon in 2018 and even felt fit enough to run three 10k’s consecutively, however after this I developed a hip injury. This has grounded me ever since so for the last 7 months I have done nothing apart from walk the dog.

Since running the London marathon I have been plagued by a hip injury

It’s amazing how much this affects your mental and physical health as your motivation to do anything drops off almost immediately. After work I find myself sitting on the sofa all evening and watching television until it’s time to go up to bed. Previously this time would have been spent going out for a short run, feeling refreshed after a shower in preparation for getting stuck in to some life admin or household chores. This just hasn’t happened and as well as sitting on the couch, I’ve been consuming a lot more sugar related products. I’m currently keeping the entire chocolate industry in a job with the amount I’m going through.

All this is having a snowball effect and pulling myself out of the avalanche is proving harder than I’d imagined. I’ll wake up in the morning with the motivation of Mr Motivator himself, but by the time my feet hit the floor I’m back in the mindset of I can’t be bothered.

Seeing the light

Regardless of the difficulty I’ve made the decision to start writing a blog. Writing is something I enjoy and is what I do for work so it seemed the easiest and most natural way to clear my mind. Putting my thoughts down on paper really helps and clarifies what’s going on in my head so I can see through the fog. I haven’t got a set theme for my blog, I’m just going to write about whatever is happening in my life at that time, hence the name Life As I Know It (LAIKI).

fitness 2
Find out the root cause of why you don’t want to exercise

This leads me on to my first piece of advice for anyone suffering from a lack of motivation and wanting to do something different – find out what it is that’s making you feel like this. You don’t have to start exercising straight away as the circle will just start again when you realise you haven’t tackled the root cause of your motivation. It could be caused by a lack of energy from your diet. Instead of changing everything you eat try adding in a multivitamin each day or if you want to be more specific about what vitamins you are lacking in there are tools online to help you find out what it could be, e.g. Holland & Barrett ask you an array of questions where you can then subscribe to receive a monthly package of vitamins to specifically suit your needs.

Do you remember the Friends episode when Chandler freaks out about getting married to Monica? Ross takes him through the process one step at a time as this is really grounding and stops anxiety. Try taking this approach to your fitness to prevent it from becoming too daunting. All you’re doing is increasing your heart rate slightly which will in turn make you feel better and increase your fitness.

Making achievable goals

Once you’ve tackled the root cause, you can start to look at building up your fitness one step at a time. This is how I’ve set my journey out:

Root cause – hip injury
Solution – Book in a physiotherapy appointment to rectify the issue
Fitness goal – start doing one piece of fitness each week, for me this will be an hour of swimming