Say yay to a spa day!

Lounging around, sweating out impurities in the steam room and letting it all hang out in the Jacuzzi, what’s not to enjoy about spending the day at a spa? I love a spa day and would snap anyone’s arm off to spend the day chilling out and shutting off from the outside world for a few hours. It’s like going on holiday without the laborious wait at security or frustrating flight delays to contend with. Yes England may not be the warmest country in the world but when you’re in a sauna it doesn’t matter what postcode you’re chilling out in.

Spa 1.jpgWhat’s not to love?

I leave my worries and anxiety at the door and allow myself these precious few hours to completely chill out and forget everything. Those niggling doubts and issues that crop up every day can wait until I’ve had some much needed mental therapy. It’s for this reason I try and book a spa day (or even a half day) every three months so I have something to look forward to on those days when I feel overwhelmed by life.

Go all out

Adding a treatment into your day should also be high on your list as this really helps you unwind. Having a professional massage your body while you drift away lying face down on a comfy bed is pure bliss and always passes too quickly. As soon as the masseuse signals the end of the massage with a chime I wonder why I don’t do this more often. The main reason is spending money, however surely the benefits to your mental health post massage outweigh your bank manager chasing you down the street for booking your fourth one in as many days.

Spa 3.jpgA plethora of benefits to entice you in

To ease my conscience about spending money I wanted to delve deeper into the benefits. This would give me a strong case to defend my decision should my other half find out our funds were being wired directly to the local spa.

  • Mental relaxation
  • Slows your body system down and allows your body to regenerate
  • Allows you to healthily socialise with friends
  • Distraction from the ‘real world’
  • Improves blood circulation so you take in more oxygen and increase the clarity of your thoughts
  • Rids the body of toxins so helps cleanse your system leaving you feeling refreshed
  • Take a book and learn something new while you’re in a relaxing environment
  • Read a travel magazine and discover a new place to visit

There are so many benefits so even if you only go once a year, try and schedule in some chill time. Your mind and body will thank you for it!

NB – Although my written words describing my love of spas may look like I’m sponsored or supported by one, unfortunately this is not the case. However if any would like to welcome me through their doors anytime soon I will happily oblige!

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